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David Eric Williams

Jan 11, 2024 12:00 AM

Heavenly Derision

"He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; Yahweh shall hold them in derision" (Psalms 2:4). Psalms chapter 1 and 2 serve as an introduction to the entire Psalter. One of the ways we know this is because of the congratulatory stanzas at the beginning of Psalms 1:1 and the conclusion of 2:12. In chapter 1, the reader is told the one who shuns evil and obeys God is joyfully blessed. At the end of chapter 2 the reader is told that those who take refuge in Yahweh are blessed. Taken together, chapters 1 and 2 set the tone for the rest of the Psalms. In short, blessings are poured out on those who delight in the law of God and take refuge in him. In order to take refuge in God it is mandatory to understand who he is. In a world that seems to be coming apart at the seams it is sometimes difficult to remember that God rules all things. Nothing happens in his created realm apart from his perfect will. I have covered the topic of God "allowing" events as opposed to actively directing them elsewhere and will not rehash the topic here. It will suffice to say either God controls everything or he actually controls nothing; for if there is any one thing he does not control that one thing may disrupt any of his plans. So, we cannot allow the turmoil taking place around us to distract us from the truth. It may not seem so at times, but God is in charge. Indeed, as Jesus told his disciples prior to his ascension, all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me (Matthew 28:18b). Not only is God in charge, he scoffs at the foolishness of world leaders who attempt to usurp his authority. In the year of 2020 that effort has largely taken the form of lies designed to instill fear in the general populace. The hysteria created by the official story about COVID-19 has convinced millions there is no security apart from blind obedience to civil authorities. However, it is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the LORD Than to put confidence in princes (Psalms 118:8-9). It is the responsibility of Jesus followers to resist the tyrannical impulse of the civil government. Christians cannot accept the illegitimate authority of unjust civil leaders; when civil rulers use lies to expand their authority Christians must act. Thus, followers of Jesus must be the best informed of citizens. Believers must not meekly embrace the accepted narrative but should read and research for themselves before arriving at a conclusion. The truth is, a vast number of leading epidemiologists, virologists and medical experts have gone on record to say the response to the coronavirus outbreak of various civil government's has been unwarranted. Again and again, from the very beginning of the "pandemic" the actual experts - as opposed to bureaucratic cogs like Anthony Fauci - have said the virus should be dealt with as viruses have always been dealt with; common sense measures within the framework of living life as usual. One of the most recent examples of this is the "Open Letter from Medical Doctors and Health Professionals to All Belgian Authorities and All Belgian Media." The letter provides what should be a familiar refrain by now; a denunciation of lockdowns, masking, rushed vaccines, reliance upon computer modeling and media hype. Good Christian, do not encourage the spread of despotism through your complacency. Refuse to comply with unjust and illegal mandates. Show your love for others by standing for truth. Show your commitment to truth by doing the research (see www.403forbidden.us for instance). Help other see the truth through correspondence, conversation and conduct. For your trust is in God. And he holds the ungodly rulers of this world in derision.

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