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Kevin Bennie

Dec 9, 2023 2:49 PM

But what does it look like?! - part 4 Stewardship

👇💥 FULL DEVO BELOW💥👇 When Genesis talks abut ruling and reigning over this world, what does that mean exactly?! this does NOT have to look like or feel like a particular way! This doesn't mean: - You have to be a general, going to war, charging the hill and fighting the enemy - You have to be in politics, winning in the polls, winning in this or that culture war. - You have to be CEO; you don't have to be top dog of whatever industry or organization you are a part of. We will continue to address what it looks like to rule and reign in the rest of this series. There are lots of ways to look at this, like a diamond it is a multifaceted. From your current place in life, how can you contribute to the flourishing of the: - heart (getting to the feeling level, giving compassion, considering mental health, avoiding burnout, etc.) - soul (spiritual, prayer, taking things to God, asking “where is God in this”, etc.) - mind (intellectual honesty, thinking before acting, planning well, researching, being highly informed) - strength (physical health, safety, etc.) …also through contributions toward: - Beauty - God creates the Garden of Eden beautiful (Gen 2:9); Has the tent of meeting created beautifully (Ex 39-40), as well as the temple (1 Kings 6, 2 Chronicles 3-5) - Order - God creates order out of the chaos in Genesis 1:1-2; encouraged throughout Jesus’ teachings and Paul’s letters to the Corinthians - Abundance - God blesses us to be “abundant” be fruitful and multiply; Christ often encourages his followers toward abundance (rightly ordered, not selfishly) (Taken from Futurville, by Skye Jethani) …of your: - Family - literal, spiritual - Community - neighbors, neighborhood, age/stage (schools, senior citizens, etc.), town/city, state even? - Work - coworkers/peers, supervisees/adjacents, supervisors There is a lot to chew in here! PRAY Sit with this list as you listen to the Lord, ask him to show him ways you are already doing this, and ways that he may be inviting you to respond in greater surrender to his work in your context.

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