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Dr.J (S.L. Jordan, Ph.D.,Ed.D.)

Nov 17, 2023 11:00 AM

🟒 Dr. J’s Thoughts: Trusting in Divine Guidance in Leadership

As I reflect upon my six and a half decades on this earth, having delved deep into the realms of leadership, theology, and psychology, there's a tapestry of wisdom that has unveiled itself. Let me share a piece of that tapestry with you today. In Proverbs 3:5-6, it is written, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight." This sacred scripture offers profound guidance in the arena of leadership, particularly when choosing those we journey with. Your associates, be they colleagues, friends, or acquaintances, shape the trajectory of your endeavors. Think of it as the divine symphony of life, where every instrument plays a role, and the harmony they create defines the masterpiece. A cake, however delicious, demands the right balance of ingredients, and so does the recipe of successful leadership. Our Lord teaches us the significance of chemistry in togetherness. We've all felt the divine magic when we've synergized with those whose spirit resonates with ours, where collectively we achieve more than we could ever imagine. Conversely, the absence of this chemistry can cloud our collective purpose. As stewards of leadership, entrusted by God, our choices aren't based on whims but discernment. Just as a seasoned chef is meticulous in selecting ingredients to strike the perfect balance, we ought to seek colleagues whose gifts complement ours, creating a holistic vision. Embrace those whose positivity mirrors the joy of the Lord; their zest is a beacon, inspiring greater heights. Loyalty, a reflection of divine faithfulness, should be cherished. Align with those whose commitment stands unwavering in storms and sunshine alike. Seek out the hungry souls, driven by the divine spark to continuously evolve, pushing boundaries for collective growth. And in this profound journey, remember the simple joys – choose companions who bring laughter, hope, and camaraderie. Remember, dear friends, the choices you make today become the legacy of tomorrow. They paint the story of your journey. Hence, always lean on God's wisdom when making these choices. Walk by faith, trust in His plan, and you'll find yourself surrounded by those who amplify your purpose, making the journey itself a blessing. Leadership, in its true essence, is a collective dance of souls. Choose your dance partners with discernment, always seeking God's guidance. And as you journey forth, may His wisdom be your compass and His love your constant. #thoughtleadership #LifelongLearning #EmpowermentThroughWisdom #BelieveInPossibilities #UnityIsStrength #JourneyToSuccess #FaithAndResilience #LegacyOfComebacks #TrustingGod #failingforward #FaithLiving #LeadershipandFriends

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